Degrading Women for a “Cause”

Am I just a pissy old woman, with no sense of humor?  Because this, to me, is disgusting.  In the name of Breast Cancer Awareness, three guys are going around motorboating women.  They will donate $20 for every set of boobs that complies (that’s pretty much all we are to them) to breast cancer research.  For every 100,000 views, they’ll add $100 to their donation.  I can’t believe I’m even dignifying their “work” by posting it, but I want them to pay OUT THE ASS.  So, please, view this misogynistic piece of sh*t over and over, while linking to your friends.  And they better pay up because this is ridiculous.  We spoke the other day about the sexualization of breast cancer awareness and this takes it to the extreme.  They are making a joke out of women who have lost their breasts and their lives…I just don’t even know what to say…I mean…how stupid and insensitive can you get?!  ARGH!  Pardon me while I go throw up and break stuff.


5 responses to “Degrading Women for a “Cause””

  1. Amy Shainman says :

    ummm… That’s sooo “nice” of you guys? WOAH? Really? HMMMMMMM Where does the money go? Why does this feel oddly similar to a pedophile standing with a a cute dog to get a kid to go with them…? Hmmmm. A pedophile will stand behind a cute dog to get the kid, you guys stand behind “breast cancer research” to get the motorboat. Would love a response.

  2. Linda Grier says :

    Wow. No, you are not lacking a sense of humor. They are ridiculous and you have reasonably pointed it out. Thanks for doing so! I’ve seen some awful merchandising and “awareness” campaigns, but I think this has to be the worst…

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