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P.Ink: Replacing Loss with Beauty

I was looking around the web for inspiration for a new post.  A friend of mine posted the link to this video.  I love it.  Love every second of it.

I spoke yesterday about the Invisible scars of cancer.  The Personal Ink Project  (P.Ink) helps with the visible ones.  The idea is to pair mastectomy patients with tattoo artists and help them create something beautiful.  Not everyone wants a traditional reconstruction.  Reconstructed nipples and silicone doesn’t appeal to every patient.

A life touched by cancer is forever changed.  Trying to reconstruct what you lost is impossible.  No matter how skilled your surgeon (and they truly are artists), you can never fully replicate what is gone.  So, I understand the desire to create something different.  Something unique, that reflects what you have been through.


Mastectomy Pillows

mastectomy pillows

Mastectomy pillows were a must for me after surgery. The softer the better. You slip them right under your arms (into your arm pits). That area will be sore after surgery and, especially (at least for me), after fills, if you choose to go the expander route for reconstruction. I took mine everywhere with me. I slept with them; watched tv with them; rode in the car with them. Mine have been destroyed by my new puppy, otherwise I would show you a picture of those. I found the ones pictured above, on Etsy. You can also make them yourselves, just google “mastectomy pillow patterns” and you’ll find quite a few links. Biggest thing: make sure they are soft and squishy!